BioAID-5000  Portable

Biometric Authentication Identity Device
This unit is a portable handheld unit perfect for verifying individuals or assets, on and off campus activities, hall monitors and sporting events or mobile, in a vehicle or bus. (GPRS option)

Parents for Safe Educational Environments LLC.

BioCAD-5500  Desktop Portable

Biometric Card Authentication Device

This unit is a portable desktop unit with a small footprint, perfect for biometrically verifying individuals or assets at a set location or mobile, in a vehicle or bus.

Fingerprint Biometric Authentication Devices for all Educational

Identity, Time and Attendance and Access Control Requirements

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iCADDy-3fw   Wall mount

Independent Card Authentication Device
Sturdy and durable for any high volume traffic needs especially in a classroom or entrance where fast movement and authentication of user's is required.

Available in both Wall-mount and desktop versions