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Automatically Check Usage, Testing, Reporting, Attendance & Access Control

AcuTRAAC Capabilities

AcuTRAAC is the first system of its kind developed for teachers to administrators that automatically checks and logs; usage, testing, reporting, attendance and gives an accurate account of attendance all in real time. This system uses the ultimate Id card known as the Multi-SAFE Card™. A card can be plugged into any SOSB card reader at school, on the bus or at home and grants secure access for the cards owner and “Only” to the cards owner. This card becomes the personal property of the user and stays with them as their personal ID.

Multiple Departments
  Staff Enrollment Capabilities up to 100,000
  Shift Management

  • Temp Employees
  • Shift Allotment
  • Overtime management
  • Temp Shift Management
  • Holiday Management

Absence Management

  • Add Single Absence/Leave Record
  • Batch Absence/Leave Record Registration
  • Define Absence Reason


  • Generate Reports
  • Automatic Payroll Reporting
  • Time and Attendance Detail Report
  • Time and Attendance Access Control
  • Export Attendance Record to third party

Off-Site Access

  • Systems Management
  • Biometric Accessed AcuTRAAC Back-up